40 Epic Marketing Insights From Google [Data]

Source: HubSpot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog 40 Epic Marketing Insights From Google [Data].

Ever needed a compelling, reliable stat to help make a point, round out a blog post, or make your ebook even more data-driven? Think Insights with Google, Google’s new information and resource hub for marketers, has got you covered!

Officially out of beta today, Google’s new resource offers helpful tools, studies, trends, stats, and videos to give marketers the data they need when they need it. Use the Real-Time Insights Finder to gather information about your business’ target audiences, or simply browse through the site’s Facts & Stats. Pretty handy, huh? That’s not all, so give the site a breeze-through, and start incorporating some valuable insights and data into your marketing efforts.

We’ve found some pretty awesome marketing stats you can use, for starters. Check them out!

Internet Usage

1) In the last 4 years, the web has gone from 100 million websites to 250 million. (Source: Netcraft, Dec 2010) Tweet This! 

2) 75.5% of the US population uses the internet. (Source: eMarketer, January 2011) Tweet This! 

3) Millennials engage in over 14 different internet activities, while those ages 65+ engage in mainly 7. (Source: Generations Online, Pew Internet 2010) Tweet This! 

4) 67% of consumers researched online prior to purchase during the holiday season. (Source: Post Holiday Learnings for 2011 Google/OTX, Jan 2011) Tweet This! 

5) In 2011, the average shopper consults 10.4 sources prior to purchase, twice as many as a year ago. (Source: Google/Shopper Sciences, Zero Moment of Truth Macro Study, U.S., Apr 2011) Tweet This! 

6) Nearly 50% of US internet users will redeem an online coupon this year. (Source: eMarketer, May 2011) Tweet This! 

7) Online advertising spending is shooting upward, passing the $30 billion mark in 2011 and approaching $50 billion in 2015. (Source: eMarketer, June 2011) Tweet This! 

8) By 2015, we expect that 50% of all display ads will be rich media ads. (Source: Google, Watch This Space, 2011) Tweet This! 

Mobile Use

9) 31% of Americans own a smartphone. (Source: ourmobileplanet.com) Tweet This! 

10) 75.7% of the population uses mobile phones. (Source: eMarketer, August 2011) Tweet This! 

11) There are 90.1 million smartphone users, 29% of the population. (Source: eMarketer, August 2011) Tweet This! 

12) Only 33% of advertisers have a mobile optimized website. (Source: Google/Ipsos/TNS, Global Perspectives: The Smartphone User & The Mobile Marketer, Jun 2011) Tweet This! 

13) 53% of searchers purchase as a result of a smartphone search. (Source: Google/OTX, The Mobile Movement, U.S, Apr 2011) Tweet This! 

14) 70% of smartphone users use their device while shopping in-store. (Source: Google/OTX, The Mobile Movement, U.S, Apr 2011) Tweet This!

15) 71% of smartphone users have searched after seeing an ad. (Source: Google/OTX, The Mobile Movement, U.S, Apr 2011) Tweet This! 

16) There will be 81.3 million tablets sold worldwide in 2012, up from 15.7 million in 2010. (Source: eMarketer, December 2010) Tweet This! 

17) 43% of US adults say they’d be willing to give up beer for a month if it meant they could keep accessing the internet on their smartphones. (Source: Google/OTX, The Mobile Movement, U.S, Apr 2011) Tweet This! 

18) 36% of US adults say they’d be willing to give up chocolate for a month if it meant they could keep accessing the internet on their smartphones. (Source: Google/OTX, The Mobile Movement, U.S, Apr 2011) Tweet This! 

19) Mobile advertising spending will top $1 billion for the first time in 2011, before reaching $4.39 billion in 2015. (Source: eMarketer, September 2011) Tweet This! 


20) There are 191.4 million search users. (Source: eMarketer, July 2011) Tweet This! 

21) 82.6% of internet users use search. (Source: eMarketer, July 2011) Tweet This! 

22) 16% of the daily queries on Google have never been seen before. (Source: Google Internal Data 2011) Tweet This! 

23) Search directly drove 25% of all online device purchases. (Source: Value of Search for Wireless Product Launches Study Google/Compete, March 2010) Tweet This! 

24) Advertisers achieve a 7:1 ROI on investments in search-based marketing. (Source: McKinsey & Co., The Impact of Internet Technologies: Search, Global, Jul 2011) Tweet This! 

25) US advertisers will spend $14.38 billion on paid search in 2011, compared with $12.33 billion on display. (Source: eMarketer, June 2011) Tweet This! 

26) Including location or phone information in a search ad increases click-through rate 6-8%. (Source: Google Internal Data, Q4 2010) Tweet This! 

27) Adding seller ratings to a search ad can boost click-through rate by over 10%. (Source: Google Internal Data, Q3 2010) Tweet This! 

28) Two-line sitelinks increase click-through rates by more than 30%*. (Source: Google Internal Data 2011, *Compared to standard AdWords ads) Tweet This! 

Social Media

29) There will be 79.1 million US mobile social network users in 2015, up from 49.4 million in 2011. (Source: eMarketer, December 2010) Tweet This! 

30) 88% of US companies over 100 employees will use social media for marketing by 2012. (Source: eMarketer, November 2010) Tweet This! 

31) 57% of people talk more online than they do in real life. (Source: Alex Trimpe via Ogilvy — February 21, 2011, ThinkQuarterly, Google) Tweet This! 


32) Over 100 million people make a social action on YouTube (likes, shares, comments, etc.) every week. (Source: Google Internal Data, Q3 2011) Tweet This! 

33) Recommendations from other people account for 60% of all video clicks from the YouTube homepage. (Source: The YouTube Recommendation System, Sept 2011) Tweet This! 

34) Consumers exposed to a YouTube homepage ad are 437% more likely to engage in a key brand activity on the same day than those unexposed. (Source: Google, Impact of YouTube Homepages On Brand Engagement, U.S., Dec 2010) Tweet This! 

35) By 2012, internet video will account for over 50% of consumer internet traffic. (Source: Cisco, Jun 2011) Tweet This! 

36) YouTube Mobile gets 400 million views a day. (Source: YouTube Press Statistics, 2011) Tweet This! 

37) More than 13 million hours of video were uploaded to YouTube in 2010. (Source: YouTube Press Statistics, 2011) Tweet This! 

38) There are 48 hours of video uploaded every minute to YouTube. (Source: YouTube Press Statistics, 2011) Tweet This! 

39) Over 3 billion videos are viewed each day on YouTube. (Source: YouTube Press Statistics, 2011) Tweet This! 

40) Online video advertising spending will grow 52.1% to $2.16 billion in 2011, before reaching $7.11 billion in 2015. (Source: eMarketer, June 2011) Tweet This! 

Are you effectively incorporating data into your content to make your marketing even more compelling?

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