The 21 Golden Rules of Entrepreneurship – A Real Life Fable by Jason Nazar

I’ve never been so inspired since I attend the  Seth Godin‘s conference about his book “Linchpin” in Sandiego. I met Jason Nazar (CEO and co-founder of Docstoc) 2 years ago when I was in Santa Monica for an internship in O2 MAX Fitness Club with the great personal trainer and CEO Karen Jashinsky. Even I did not attend the conference at UCSB  in the video below, I truly enjoyed going to the “Startups Uncensored” events at the Santa Monica Public Library. Jason Nazar is one of those speakers I am going to remember 10 years from now! He’s probably the guy who inspired me to organize events like for Café Numérique Liège. So Jason, would you consider being my mentor? 😉

Anyway, if I had to pick up on only one thing this would be: “I’ll see it, when I’ll believe it”.

Entrepreneurship is nothing if not challenging and exciting. In this video Jason Nazar, the CEO and co-founder of Docstoc, lays out the 21 golden rules that aspiring entrepreneurs need to follow if they wish to overcome the inevitable hardships that new ventures bring. The presentation was given to a group of students studying entrepreneurship at Jason’s alma-mater, the University of California at Santa Barbara.

Rather than simply listing cliché business lessons, Jason shares personal stories explaining how he arrived at each of the 21 rules and how you can use them in your own life. He doesn’t try to mask the challenges associated with entrepreneurship, but he does demystify the process of starting with nothing and ending up with a successful company. More importantly, he explains how you develop the attitude necessary to become a successful entrepreneur.

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