Between frustration and pride (Case study Cc @IronPlanet)

As growing startup, at Auctelia, we usually do not have the time to focus or really care about competition. Although we do not ignore it. Here’s a quick picture: The biggest competitor on the market is Ritchie Bros, their gross auction proceeds were $729 million for the first quarter 2010. One of the following leaders as marketplace for used heavy equipment is IronPlanet which announced $162 million gross merchandise volume over first quarter 2010. Pretty big right?

Well, the latter – IronPlanet – made me feel frustrated and proud all at the same time when I fall on their Adwords campaign. I found out their practice after monitoring our SEO performances by simply taping “Auctelia” in Google search. Here what I got: “Auctelia Enchère occasion équip. construc. Examiné & Garanti Enchère en ligne”. (see screenshot below)

This ads in French has been seen in Belgium, Luxembourg and France.

This ads in French has been seen in Belgium, Luxembourg and France. Btw, "why this ads?" is here a legitimate question.

This was frustrating as it is, of course totally illegal, this appears at the first place and steals our prospects and customers. At the same time, this something a startup’s life could be proud of. Being noticed by one of the major companies in the industry so they considered there’s enough value in Auctelia brand name they can use exploit it this way, could be seen as kind of sign of an achievement. Am I wrong?

It took 8 days for Google to stop the ads after our immediate report. However, IronPlanet is still using Auctelia as keyword in their Adwords campaigns, this time it is allowed by Google. This practice (much more frequent) is personally not in my business ethics but this is here another debate…

What is your feelings about that? Have you ever experienced the same case? Does Apple, Amazon or Microsoft use any startup’s brand name in their campaigns?…

“The only variable you can control is your work ethic” Jason Nazar.

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4 thoughts on “Between frustration and pride (Case study Cc @IronPlanet)

  1. google has been chstised by many for the way they try to push the big advertisers. fix one thing they slide around to another cute set up, it is a free form of advertising.
    perhaps if you thank them they will not do it anymore.
    good luck get even sell a lot

  2. JeremC says:

    Thank you Richard for your comment. Indeed, we’ll focus on dialogue with this company.

  3. We think this practiced is just dirty pool – legal or illegal

  4. If you want to read my opinion of IronPlanets business model and practices go to ironplanetipo dot com. Thanks Rod

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