Embrace the connected consumer #ThinkIAB

I spotted here some tweets with Storify that could give the big idea behind each topics. The presentations are hosted on www.iab-community.be, a new platform for the digital community I invite you to check out. If you need more trends in digital, I shared a presentation (at the end of this post) that summarizes 9 mega trends in mobile world.

Feel free to share you thoughts in the comment section below.

[View the story “Embrace the connected consumer #ThinkIAB” on Storify]

Katrina Dodd, Contagious (@konfectious)

Katrina Dodd

Creative digital marketing shower: Augmented Content: Traditional TV advertising is a disruptive experience

Presentation: Augmented Content

Bart Becks, Sonic Angel – Founder & co-CEO (@BartBecks)

Bart Becks

Should every agency & advertiser act like a start-up?

Jean Derély, Betagroup – Founder (@jeanderely)

jean Derely

Digital innovation from the startup world


Alison Fennah, IAB Europe – Vice president, research and marketing (@alisonfennah)

Alison Fennah

Mediascope 2012: European Preview and a first glimpse of the Belgian digital consumer


Christina Jenkins, LinkedIn – Research & insights, EMEA (@chrgoolondon)

Christina Jenkins

The Power of Connections – Linking people, behaviors and data to provide insights around the digital professional

Noëlle Stevens, RTL Belgium – Head of marketing new media (@noulle)

Christina Jenkins

Does size matter? The connected consumer’s opinion


Ervan Pouliquen, Microsoft Advertising – COO/CML Belux (@epouliquen)

Ervan Pouliquen

How TV & Online can work better together

Presentation: Cross screen

Tim Elkington, IAB UK – Director of research & strategy (@timelkington)

Tim Elkington

Live on Planet Brand

Presentation : Top 10 reasons online is great for brands

Frank Bekkers, Mobile Vikings – CEO (@flatfrank)

Frank Bekkers

Mobile Vikings, the digital story


Rudy Dewaele, Dotopen.com – CNO & Co-founder (@mtrends)

Rudy Dewaele

Around The World in 20 Apps

Gerd Leonhard, The Future Agency – Futurist, author and CEO (@gleonhard)

Gerd Leonhard

Future scenario’s in advertising and marketing.

Future advertising PUBLIC

Need more trends? Check out this high quality content presentation for mobile experts.

Mobile megatrends 2012

View more presentations from VisionMobile

Thanks to @combell for giving me the opportunity to attend it and @iab_belgium for making this happened.

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  1. I have read many articles or reviews on this topic except this post is really a pleasant article, keep up the good work.

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