3 Awesome Tools to Rock your Communication

Here are 3 ******** great tools that I really enjoy to use in digital campaigns. Just wanted to share it with you guys, it’s awesome, it’s free and OMG it’s from Begium !


Curation is the next big challenge users are facing for the coming years. Because we’re living in world of information deluge, we damn need people to bring to light what’s most relevant to us from the different digital channels, including social medias. For me, the best tool to complete the task is Storify.

I love it for:

  • after-events stories
  • news feed focused on your market segment embedded in your website
  • alternative to blog production, less time-consuming (you can also use the collaborative feature).

Tweetwall Pro

Empowering social interactions happening at your events: to bring fun, increase interactions and having real-time impact outside of the walls of your events. It’s been now almost 3 years we love having a Tweetwall Pro for each Café Numérique Liège events, this is a true love story…

I love it for:

  • debates
  • music festivals
  • television broadcast.


I love to use Checkthis as extra tool to communicate stuff I do not publish on a regular basis or for “things that do not fit in a status update.” It’s simple, fast, and beautiful !

I love it for:

  • press releases
  • jobs offers
  • invitations.
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