I share content I found relevant about Marketing, Personal Branding, Public Relation, Social Media, Venture Capital, Technology, Advertising, Communication,… Most of the time articles are curated from RSS feeds, social medias, pod/videocasts, (audio-)books or in real life events. After a while, if I get inspired I spontaneously write my own stuff (please forgive spelling mistakes).

I work at Auctelia a platform for professionals who want to buy or sell used industrial equipment. My mission is to generate value for sellers and buyers through an innovative customer relationship.

I’m also having fun building a community of people enthusiastic about technology called “Café Numérique” I co-founded in Liège.

Oh, I also like to think we can stay fit eating frequently burgers with beers as long as I keep sweating during my workouts.

And yes, I dream of a world where people moonwalk around in a ranch which would be called Neverland


Jeremy Corman

+32 495 44 04 65


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I don’t want to be a part of the system; keep head down, follow instructions, pay attention at school, find a job, show up on time, get a good security… I wanna take big risks, be creative and figuring out what to do next. (Inspired by Seth Godin)

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